About Samvad

SAMVAD’ is a creative initiative of Socio-Economic and cultural ethos and ideology of Indigenous people of Jharkhand. SAMVAD believes in Indigenocracy and Indigeneity with equal and active participation of women and excluded communities of Jharkhand.

SAMVAD is dedicated to Empower self-governance (Swashasan), promote self-reliance (Swawlamban), preserve self-dignity (Swabhimaan) with special focus on promotion of livelihood (Aajivika), protection of Freedom (Aazadi) and expansion of joyful (Anand) life to every human being with conservation and preservation of Natural and Cultural heritage.

Goal of SAMVAD

The goal of SAMVAD is encouraging and strengthening 'Indigenocracy' which is a long and arduous journey and a continuous life style that require a substantial time and dedication to nurture and promote it in a meaningful way. The overall goal is ensuring and achieving equity, social and gender justice, inclusivity, freedom of expression and democratic values.

SAMVAD trusts in the model of 'Democratic Republic' such as ‘Indigenous Republic' or ‘Gram Sarkar' (Village Government), which is participatory, inclusive, gender sensitive and eco-friendly.

Our Donors